Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Missed yesterday's start.  Chose sleep at decent hour instead, but was up couple of hours online.  Need to set stop point.

Today's workout was a bit free, with purpose on running.  Mixed in burpees with the run to make harder.  Hope to break from runs to be more frequent with burpee breaks.

1000meter row hard: 4:11, 146/173 bpm
3.0 mile treadmill (0.5 run, 5 pushup burpees x6): 43:09, 146/170 bpm
circuit (planned a: burpees 20/15/10 kb squats 20/15/10 b: kb thrusters 20/15/10 pushups 20/15/10; actual burpees 20, kb (12 kg) squats 20, kb (12kg) thrusters 15, pushups 15): 7:19, 161/177 bpm
150m swim: 4:23

Its a start.


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