Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sandbags and Burpees

Eeking back onto the fitness path.  Last week was a wash with a classmate visiting.  It through off the whole week's momentum completely.

Restarting Hal Higdon's Novice Marathon plan.  Not sure the exact direction, but will be mixing in all of my runs with burpees.  So far, its half mile run followed with 5 pushup burpees.  Repeat until finish.  It feels great getting some staleness of the running out, as my heart rate spikes after doing the burpees.  The jump after each burpee really gets me going.  Posture Up as Taylor Lee would say at Maven Fitness.

I struggled with how to incorporate rowing and have found my solution.  Currently, it is a 1000m pull as a warmup and a 1000m pull as a cooldown.  I will eventually increase this to a 2k.  Doesn't take too much time, and feel pretty ready for whatever is to follow.

If I am at the gym, I will dip into the pool, but so far have only done a few laps.  Instead of thinking about distance, I am just swimming each 25m length thinking about form, and working on my flutter kick.  Last night felt like a strong form, and will build up on the distance.

The bike has not found its way into the schedule, but will work on that.  The annual Tour of Sufferlandria with Sufferfest and Trainer Road is at the end of this month.  I've done it that last two years.  Might be a good kickstart to get back onto the bike.  Will look to do a 4/week ErgVideo and Computrainer block.

Scheduling has been a struggle, but I'm very aware and working on it.  The key point has been the schoolwork.  Will have to see about spending most of the weekend cranking out, hopefully the next week's reading, and schedule assignments throughout the week.

Monday's sandbag (70 lb) routine was as follows:

5x5 power cleans
5xmax recline rows (wasn't much 3,6,5,5,5)
3x12 bent over rows
3x5 military press
200' zercher carry

Will look to finish off with some jumproping as a skill exercise.

Feels all over the place but realizing again, neglecting fitness at the end of the year was not a best decision made.  Scheduling will be key, but can make it work with the schoolwork.

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