Monday, January 5, 2015

Still in the dark

Trying to recreate my routine, wasting a lot of time, organizing, looking for things.  Spent a couple of hours looking at routines, and trying to decide how I am to stick everything together.  Loosely, I will be following the below schedule, with the priority on the Run and Bike, looking at everything else as time permits.  Hopefully can get a morning, afternoon and evening routine going.

Prior to halting, everything was moving like clockwork.  There was the morning workout early, an afternoon session and an evening time permitting.  Everything else was routinely followed.  Once I got to a wall, I thought fitness was the first thing to go.  In hindsight, I think that routined my productivity with my remaining responsibilities.

Past the conclusion right before the next term, will give this a go again.

Here is the routine, tentative, assuming I will adjust as I go.

Made it out to the pool today after deciding my plan, and got to the gym with cap and shorts, but no goggles.  Took a nice shower and back at home.  Time for an easy go on the bike, with partial rounds of the Maven routine of the day.

Will be going with the Higdon Novice Marathon routine.  My bike will be based off of the ErvVideo Training Plan Builder.  Squeezed my way through this last year before hitting a wall.  Will do my first go through the block at less then 20% effort.  I had tested an FTP of 270 watts last year, but will go back to a conservative 200 and see where I end up after the first and last tests.

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